Have you ever struggled with a job hunt and asked: “Why can’t I get a job?” Sometimes it’s just bad luck, but often there is something you’re doing wrong in your job search. You can take up a course on JOB SEARCH SKILLS on coursepedia.

The top reasons why you didn’t get a job are:

  1. You’re Underqualified:

You don’t need to have 100 percent of the skills and qualifications listed on a job description, but you do need to have a high percentage. For more clarity, you can take up a course on JOB SEARCH SKILLS.

  1. You were Unpolished

Industry and company culture will influence the attire you choose for an interview, but sloppy is sloppy no matter where you go.

  1. Your Non-Verbal Cues Betrayed You

Maybe you can get away with a weak handshake. Maybe. But a weak handshake and poor eye contact, probably not. Your body language sends a loud message.

  1. You Shared Too Much

A job interview is not the place to discuss personal matters.

  1. Your Resume Is Sloppy:

In real life, a typo doesn’t make a huge difference. In your resume? A typo can constitute the difference between whether you get an interview or find your application automatically rejected. Never submit a resume that you haven’t run through a spell checker and a grammar checker. You can take up a course on JOB SEARCH STRATEGY.

  1. You Have Unrealistic Salary Expectations:

Lots of companies require you to list your targeted salary on your job application, along with your salary history. If you’re applying for jobs that pay #300,000 a year, but you’ve listed your target salary as #450,000, the employer will reject you immediately.